It was a full moon the night that fate threw me a curve ball… The night I encountered Alex, the Architect.

He caught my eye immediately. His piercing green eyes  so exotic next to his tanned skin.

He stood in the background, smirking… watching the drunken interaction taking place between his friends and ourselves.

Well… Let me clarify… Lots of men caught my eye that night. 2 bottles of red wine and copious amounts of vodka later, my girlfriend and I had had all sorts of interactions with males that night.

It was a night of frivolity. I was carefree and optimistic, having just embarked on my new mission of conquering that dreaded third question and hence the opposite sex.

As I was about to jump into a taxi for home, my drunken girlfriend decided to steal a slice of pizza from the hands of a passerby.

She was hungry after all, and in her drunken haze the pizza must have been too tempting to resist.

This kind of behavior was nothing unusual for us in those days – random acts of drunken hilarity… any passerby could be our victim. I think I tried to apologise amongst the laughter.

My memory of that night becomes a little blurred at this point, but what I do remember was the pact my friends and I had made earlier that week – to open ourselves to the universe and all its possibilities. As one friend put it, we were on a mission to “say yes to life”.

So the next thing I know, my girlfriend and I are in a stranger’s car with 4 males, on our way to another bar…

I have no idea how we all fit in that car, nor do I remember the conversation that took place in order for us to agree. What I do remember however, were his eyes and his smile. I remember him watching me, studying me, as I joked with his friends in the backseat.

Even in my drunken state however, I had already judged him, and there were quite a few things that would have put me off if I had been sober.

He was too short (probably just my height), he looked and spoke like a western suburbs wog (that is, in the most unique of Australian terms, not very refined), he was very blunt, verging on rude, he had an air of arrogance about him that was very off-putting, and I sensed he was quite “into” himself…

Yet… I was interested… and I still blame vodka for that.

When we arrived at the next bar, he disappeared, not giving me an inch of attention. Happy with life, I didn’t let it distract me from the fun that I was having despite him.

He finally did approach me once I was alone. He was tentative at first, he seemed unsure on how to proceed, but the mutual physical attraction couldn’t be denied.

He took me by surprise by wanting to unload personal baggage. I rolled my eyes playfully and gave him 5 minutes, “Your time starts now” I told him.

His story was that he had only just got back in town after 8 years living away with his girlfriend – (I noted later that the break up was so fresh that he was still using the term “girlfriend” and not “ex-girlfriend”. If nothing else had made alarm bells ring, this definitely should have!)

I immediately knew what he was after. I’m not stupid and I’m not delusional, I knew he would not be investing any time in “wooing” me. Unlike Adam the Accountant, who seemed to want to invest time to get to know me.

Now it was my turn he told me, “You’ve got 30 seconds”, I stood dumbfounded.

In fact I didn’t need 30 seconds to sum it all up – I didn’t really have much baggage to tell him about… at least I thought.

“No long term boyfriends?” he asked.

“Oh is that what you want to know?”

“No exes?” he asked again in disbelief.

“Nothing of importance”, I replied.

Then he asked for my number which I guess meant that he was interested…

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