The next working week started off interestingly enough.

Adam the Accountant was quick off the mark.

He texted me early on Monday morning, to ask how my week was tracking.

In all honesty my week looked jammed… intimidatingly so in fact.

So having decided to never over promise, I made it perfectly clear that catching up was not going to be possible, however I did want to meet him.

So I suggested a Saturday afternoon meeting. He told me it worked for him.

Easy. Sorted. I liked that he was low maintenance.

Later that day, after a morning of back to back meetings I checked my mobile – I had received a text message from an unknown number. All the text contained was a full stop.

Strange behavior from the sender indeed. A little juvenile in fact. Surely if you need to “test” a number – as it was quite evident the sender was doing – you would behave like an adult  ask the question – “Is this so and so’s number?”

I replied with a question mark.

Before I could put my phone back down I received a new text from the same unknown number.

It was Alex the Architect, with a long-winded explanation of a very bogus story about being unsure whether this number was actually that of his ex-girlfriend’s sister.


“Ok…?”, I replied to his text.

He quickly responded – still no hello, no how are you?, just an abrupt “what’s your email?”

Rude arsehole – were the exact words that ran through my head.

A little too demanding… A little too confident… I added to my judgment list.

So over email he asked me out for a “coffee”. I thought coffee dates had gone out of fashion in the 90s!

Unimpressed, I reluctantly agreed.  Then the negotiations began.

I suggested Tuesday.

He suggested Wednesday.  It quickly became obvious that plans needed to be on his terms.

“I’m sorry”, I replied, “ I have a full on week and I can’t do Wednesday. Maybe I can finish up early and we can meet on Friday?”

“Well I guess I can fit you in before I go out with my friends on Friday.” He replied.

Are you serious? I remember my amusement… This guy was something else.

“Fine.”, I replied. And the email correspondence ceased.

He knows nothing about me, I rationalised, he may have plans, but so do I. I also have places to be. So instead, in my head, I fit him in.

This catch up, I assured myself, will be such a laugh! He will be one of those typical suburban nobodies who I can’t stand and I will bore of him quickly. He will be uncultured and simple, and despite this arrogant macho act, I will cut him down to size. I will tell my friends all about it, and we will laugh! Oh how we will laugh!

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