I woke up on Saturday morning with a monster of a hangover. The thought of another first date in a few hours time had me running to the toilet and hurling.

Adam the accountant had been a little too keen all week.

Since we had arranged our first face-to-face meeting on Monday, he had texted me everyday.

So much for low maintenance

We hadn’t even met yet and I already wanted him to back off!

We arranged to meet up at a bar called Transport for a lunchtime drink.

It was a nice day so I hoped the sunshine would help me through the hang over and the first date ordeal.

Anyone that knows me would know that this would be the very last place I would even suggest for a daytime drink. I avoid these generic tourist traps in the centre of town like the plague… soulless and filled with bogans, I couldn’t think of anywhere worse.

Still, having made a pact to “say yes to life”, I found myself walking through the beer stained entrance a little before midday.

I walked straight to the bar – a nice cold boutique beer was the only thing that would get me through.

Feeling I should be polite I texted him to ask if he wanted a drink while I ordered.

“Scotch and coke”, he quickly replied.

Alarm bells went off in my poor throbbing head.

A scotch and coke in the middle of the day in a classless establishment… I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the alcohol they drink and I could not wait for Adam to arrive and prove me right!

I could tell he was nervous as he sat down beside me… but I really couldn’t give a shit…

I don’t know if it was my foul mood, or my judgmental inclinations, but at first glace he was exactly as I thought he would be. Though we were the same age, he looked worn and much older.  He was a little too generic “Aussie” looking, a little too country.

By our 3rd round of drinks however, he had turned on the charm and had me in stitches of laughter.

It was at this time that he decided to reveal a bombshell… he had just come out of a 10-year relationship…


First Alex the Architect and now Adam the Accountant with long-term relationship baggage?

I sure know how to pick them.

We covered quite a few topics that day including travel and different cultures. I told him I speak Spanish, and he nearly choked on his drink… he tried to disguise his excitement of possibly dating a “Spanish girl”… All I could think about was the night before and how Alex the Architect was not impressed by this fact at all.

Surprisingly I laughed with Adam… a lot… he worked hard to keep me interested and keep the conversation flowing.

Adam did well despite the very negative subject matter (me) he was dealing with.  He tried to end the date with a kiss, which went terribly wrong of course… I think he caught my ear, but it was a cute attempt non-the-less.

It would have all ended in his favour, if he had not been so desperate to jump straight back on the text messages as soon as I walked away from him…

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