The following week came and went and the mid-week catch up with Alex the Architect never eventuated. I’m not too sure why but I remember we were in regular contact. It was fun and he was keeping me entertained, so I didn’t mind that I hadn’t seen him.

Texts from Adam the Accountant continued, and I was probably not the most pleasant in replying – we had planned to have dinner on a Thursday.

However when I woke up that Thursday morning I was grumpy and annoyed.

When I realized that the thought of going the gym was much more appealing than dinner with Adam, it was a fair enough sign that I should cut Adam The Accountant loose.

So I packed my gym bag.

It took me 20 minutes on my walk to work to write the text message that would confirm my heart on its path to pain:

Hey Adam hope your week’s going well. Will have to be annoying again and decline dinner. Probably not a good time in general to be honest. Best to not keep mucking you about! All the best.

His response came through quite soon after:

Hey, yeah sounds like a good idea.

Did I feel terrible?  Slightly.

Not because I would never see Adam again, but more because I had made a decision.

The decision to concentrate my efforts on one individual – Alex the Architect.

I could not help but shake a terrible feeling at the pit of my stomach.

A feeling that I was setting myself up for a massive fall.

I now know that feeling was fear.

Fear that somehow this would all backfire on me.

Adam was a back up plan. My bench warmer.

With Adam gone the game had changed.

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