After our little mishap, I genuinely thought I had the ball in my court.

After days of trying to arrange another catch up with Alex the Architect, both of our schedules were making it impossible. This led him to accuse me of “playing hard to get”, and this led me to lose interest… fast.

Apparently having a busy life of your own makes you a player… I didn’t realise I had to drop everything and sit beside my phone every night, hoping for him to make the time to call me. This guy, I was convinced, was a total douche.

Since the initial excitement of the potential romance with him was well and truly dead, I told him we should probably stop wasting eachother’s time.

He quickly back-tracked and referred to this all as a “misunderstanding”, suggesting an impromptu catch up after work.

“I didn’t mean to offend you – I’ve been messing you around”, he tells me  “I want to make it up to you”.

I shrugged and obliged, after all I would have to make absolutely no effort – completely unprepared, I was not dressed up nor made up, neither excited nor nervous. I went along in hope of a free feed.

I met him down the road from work, where he was waiting for me. He kissed me on the cheek hello and asked me where I wanted to go.

I could feel his chest hovering, he was making a point to be physically closer to me than during any of our other catch ups.

This amused me more than anything, this and the strange unplanned effort he was making.

I realized that I genuinely was not interested anymore. The physical attraction had gone.

We went for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and he was quick to pay for dinner and drinks before I knew what was going on. Though he still seemed as unexcited as ever, this I was to learn, was his unexcitable demeanor.

I entertained myself by teasing him whilst he seemed to try to make the moment romantic. I have always cringed at romance.

Then he made his move, gently touching my back and moving closer to me on the couch.

“Well look at you”, I laughed.

He smiled, ignoring my teasing, and kissed me.

Then something strange happened.


A huge sense of relief came over me.

Kissing has always been a bit of a chore for me with a new kissing partner, though amazingly there was nothing chore-like when we first kissed.

Alex later told me how much he enjoyed kissing me. I rolled my eyes – usually this shit doesn’t work on me – but for some reason I believed him because I was thinking the same thing.

He then cut the kissing short and stood up, abruptly announcing that it was time to leave the restaurant. I laughed, thinking this whole thing a hilarious game, still believing I was dictating the game from my side of the court.

Alex then drove me home and kissed me passionately in his car. It was all a bit of shock that he seemed so attracted to me after our first encounter when he gave me nothing at all.

And so I returned the favour and cut the kissing off abruptly, announcing I had an early start the next day and left him sitting alone in his car.

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