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My haze of infatuation lasted all week and went into over drive when Alex emailed me telling me he wanted to see me.

Tonight, I decided, I’m taking him home.

Once the decision was made, I was unexpectedly calm. The butterflies ceased, and the haze I was living in seemed to make way for clarity.

I had a new mission and the plan was simple – I would let him know what bar I ended up at after drinks with the girls and he would meet me after watching a football game at his mates place.

And so, when I arrived at my destination, I sent him a quick text, being careful not to interrupt his plans.

Before I could drop my phone back in my bag, he rang.

Regret in his voice – Alex the fake architect was on his way home.

My stomach droped.

“OK”, is all I could muster while trying to sound relaxed.

In reality my head was spinning – What?!!?!?, I heard my voice yell in my head,  Has he stood me up?

Hiding my disappointment and holding back tears, I returned to my girls at the bar. There was nothing left to do but drink and find a distraction.

I sighted my next victim – a cute blonde – he was a German marketing student.

We had a chat and before I knew it, I had him eating out of my hand. The power of alcohol fueled confidence.

He made a point to make lots of body contact, his attempt to gain my attention and move in for the kiss.

And just as quickly, I lost interest.

Instead of reciprocating I walked away and straight into a taxi.

I could not help it – disillusioned and dragging my heart along the floor behind me – I was thinking of the fake architect the entire time.

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