A recent experience left me asking questions about how we perceive ourselves, which in turn left me wondering whether I should be questioning this at all.

Is questioning oneself and what you portray to the outside world a form of weakness? Or is this a form of self-awareness?

One theory tells us to be happy with who we are, and if someone doesn’t accept us then we are better off without them.

Another theory proclaims the opposite; self-reflection is the path to enlightenment.

How will we ever know our weaknesses if we never question ourselves, and question the reasons why others choose not to want or accept us, whether it be because of our looks, personalities or beliefs.

How much can we question ourselves before we lose the essence of who we are?

Or does it actually only come down to luck? Is it more about being in the right place at the right time, or convenience, when it comes to companionship, opportunities, and a happy life?

So is questioning who we are and how we portray ourselves irrelevant in the grand scheme of things?

2 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. I don’t think it all comes down to luck. I think it comes down to having clear goals and the will to fight for those (I speak from the tiniest smidgen of experience, I am mostly just a lazy sot). I think introspection and self-examination is helpful– I’d dare say most people need to do more of it. Though it’s painful at times.

    Interesting blog 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment Aussa Lorens. Clear goals are well and good – but understanding the reality of one’s situation is also important when setting those goals. We may reach for the stars – as we are always told to do – but will that only set us up for a massive fall?

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