The next day you called me to apologise.

I was on my way to an appointment. Running late and lost, I couldn’t give you my full attention.

You wanted to tell me, you explained, that you were sorry. You hadn’t meant to stand me up the night before.

I can’t remember how I replied because I was in utter shock.

It was only a few hours ago that you had let me down, leaving me feeling deflated and a little heart broken.

And now you were apologizing…

From being so abrupt, sometimes to the point of rudeness, to knowing exactly what I needed to hear… did this mean you actually cared about me?

I couldn’t understand why or how you made me feel like I was riding a rollercoaster of emotions. Though whatever ride you had me on, it never felt like you were on it with me…

So we arranged to meet half way that afternoon and then I took you home and slept with you.

To my dismay you were quick, inattentive… a jack hammer comes to mind.

And I awoke the following morning in bed… alone.

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